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Meet Dr. January

Dr. Eboni January is a board-certified Physician and Surgeon, Medical Director, author, mentor, coach, and business consultant using the latest science and technology to help communities, corporations, and students tap the limitless potential of better health.

Dr. Eboni January

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Health Is Everything Which Is Why I’ll Stop At Nothing To Help You Succeed!

Did you know?

Unhealthy employees are almost 2x more likely to miss work due to illness.
An unhealthy workforce can cost companies up to 3x more than the direct cost of providing traditional healthcare.
Students who eat less nutritious foods fare far worse on standardized English, Science, and Literacy tests.

It’s true! As a physician and surgeon, medical director, coach, and mentor, I've seen unhealthy lifestyles impact every aspect of daily life.

Are you feeling tired all the time? Missing work due to illness or the potential long-term risks associated with diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. No one is immune from the negative impacts of unhealthy lifestyle choices!

The more significant impact is even more costly. Unhealthy lifestyles cost corporations millions in lost productivity and increased insurance premiums. Students can see their grades suffer and their self-esteem damaged trying to measure up to the unrealistic, idealized images they see in magazines and social media.

As a doctor, my first instinct is to help. As a community member, I believe change starts with one person deciding to make a difference.

That’s when Boss-ish was born. Boss-ish is about taking control of your health - like a boss.

After all, everyone can benefit from programs that improve health, increase well-being and reduce healthcare costs.


I’ve made it my mission to help communities, corporations, and students thrive and capitalize on their health by achieving success. 

What Does It Mean To Take Control Of Your Health Like A Boss?

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FitnessBeing a boss means having the courage to invest in yourself, your community, and your future by deciding to take charge of your life and your lifestyle choices.

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BusinessBeing a boss means helping your employees learn how to improve their health while your company reaps the benefits of greater productivity and reduced healthcare premiums.

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EducationBeing a boss means making sure your child has the resources and assistance they need to make healthier choices to excel in school and achieve life-long success.

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Won’t you join me?

Unleash your inner boss with technology and tools designed to help you thrive and capitalize on the life-changing benefits of a truly healthy lifestyle. After all, it’s your health. You need to own it -  like a BOSS!

Discover The Future Of Wellness and Success

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Health Coaching

Need Help With Losing Weight And Keeping It Off?

Let Dr. January Help You With:
Daily Accountability And Training With TextFit©
Customized Fitness Plans
Simplified Daily Meal Plans And More!

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Business Consulting

Looking For Ways To Increase Productivity And Drive Down Healthcare Costs?

Improve Employees' Heath With:
Health Education, Wellness Programs, And Coaching
Daily Text Workouts, Meal Reminders, And Recipes
Monthly Zoom Coaching And More!

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Your Child Need Help

Student Mentoring & Coaching

Does Your Child Need Help With Living Up To Their True Potential In School?

Fast-Track Your Child's Scholastic Achievement With:
Mentorship And Coaching
Time Management Training
Test-Taking Strategies And More

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Brand Building

Need To Generate Brand Awareness For A Medication?

Partner With Dr. January For:
Community Outreach Programs
Tradeshows And Health Seminars
Zoom And In-Person Appearances

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Dr. January has been such an amazing mentor throughout my college journey. She has continuously take the time to provide one on one test prep tips to help me evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. With her tips and guidance, I graduated in the top 10% of my undergraduate class and was accepted into my first choice graduate school program!
Harris S.

Dr. January has gone above and beyond to help me. Who would've ever thought that seeking help for the ACT would have introduced me to someone I now call my mentor and look up to. I am truly blessed to have her and her motivational words will always help my ambition to never be complacent.
Xavier, S.


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