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Millions of students struggle in school. I know because I was one of them. Growing up poor in East St Louis, I worked with standardized testing when it came time to apply and prepare for college. My grades were good, but my ACT/SAT scores did not reflect the time and the effort I had put into my school work.

Sounds familiar?

Many students struggle with standardized testing. Others work with time management. Still, others work with a school day filled with extracurriculars that leave them worn out, stressed, and having no energy to complete their homework.

As parents, you wish you could be there for your kids 24/7, but between work, fixing dinner, or taking care of household chores, you are left with precious little time to dedicate to helping your kids with their schoolwork.

Award Winning Success Coach

I created my Coaching & Mentoring program for parents and students.
Dr. Eboni January

I remember what it was like to struggle in school. I remember the panic and helplessness I felt because no one was there to help me. If I had only had a coach or mentor to help me prepare, build my confidence, and crush those SAT/ACTs the first time!

With my Coaching & Mentoring programs, your child will have the accountability and support to succeed on every level. Ultimately, my goal is to give your child a blueprint for success no matter what your child wants to do with their lives.

Let Dr. January

inspire, mentor, and coach your child with technology and tools designed to build healthy habits, confidence and improve test scores.

Resume building
Goal setting and execution
Study skills
Time management skills
Help with college and grad school scholarships
Daily accountability and coaching via text
Downloadable resource guides
Webinars with Dr. January and other experts/professionals
Facebook group access to Dr. January and colleagues

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